Our History

The VINI MORAS was born from the passion for enology and love for HIS land, Irpinia, fertile territory, generous and full of potential.

The name “MORAS” is a tribute to the intense and lively color of our wines and their refined but decisive olfactory bouquet.

The winery preserves the traditions of our grandparents, always dedicated to the cultivation and production of great wines.

The company has always strived to obtain a high quality product, aware that it requires constant dedication and continuous innovation for this to happen.

“Quality, innovation and passion” is not by chance the motto that guides our company and that daily marks our work.

The production is accurate in every detail starting from the choice of vineyards. Paternopoli, Taurasi and Tufo: these are the favourite territories of the winery,

Land inevitably with a high wine vocation. Only such precious soils are able to give fine wines with an authentic and sublime taste.


Our Philosophy

The company aims to obtain products of the highest quality, working in full respect of consumers and the environment. We take care of every step of the production process in detail, carefully selecting the vineyards, taking care of the territory and continuously studying new methods that have a reduced environmental impact.

Ours is a winery that lives on the dreams and determination of a young entrepreneur, who is aware of the importance of making high-calibre wines every day, but does not forget the external aspect of the production: from the realization of the labels, of the appropriate packaging, until you get to the names assigned to the wines nothing is random!

Each element is the result of research aimed at revealing the true face of a young and dynamic company.



We use modern techniques by introducing new machinery. Every element is present in our wines in suitable and carefully determined concentrations.

This process is fundamental to preserve the genuineness and goodness of our grapes. For the aging of red wines we use French oak barrels: tonneaux and barriques.



Every day as a company we are committed to introducing technologies that can increasingly limit the ecological footprint. We exploit alternative energy sources through the installation of photovoltaic panels, we prefer digital communications to discourage a large use of paper, in favor of a paperless philosophy.

We are committed to the correct disposal of waste and to using recycled and reusable material whenever possible.



“Quality, innovation and passion.”



The selection of vineyards is the first step to ensure the production of fine wines and the territories of origin of our grapes are Paternopoli, Taurasi and Tufo, generous lands and known worldwide for the quality of the fruits they give.

Not only the choice of raw materials, but also the entire processing system is scrupulously followed.

The primary objective is to obtain a production that always lives up to the history and tradition of Irpinia.



The link with the past and its origins is well established.

This visceral and reverential love for tradition is combined with the company’s innovative role.

This combination is successful in creating sublime and always authentic flavors and allows us to evolve continuously.

We identify ourselves, therefore, precisely with the branch, symbol of the company, which only if it has healthy and strong roots can grow, renew and bring lush fruit.



Our work is composed of so much humility, perseverance and thirst for knowledge. We know for sure that no daily gesture would taste the same if not characterized by the constant passion for this work.

That stubborn and charismatic passion that takes you beyond the daily effort, leading you towards goals and dreams.